Hello nova’s,

This is where am to apologize for my absence . I have two reasons for putting up this posts

First to let you know why I have been awol on social media which would lead to the main topic of the day, a product review.

I have honestly missed you guys on the blogosphere. I know one of my goals this year was to be a consistent blogger but I failed in that category *inserts sad emoji*

First of all I have been super busy with school work, being a medical student, and working as a model manager has taken a whole lot of my time . I wonder how those bloggers working 9-5 do it.

Another factor which am going to admit is laziness and procrastination. The level of laziness I’ve been experiencing these days is something else. Am not the only one though.

If you noticed on Instagram I have not been posting pictures of myself , asides the laziness part , cos of school work coupled with stress , I was battling with skin breakage and discoloration.

I couldn’t but stop taking pictures and start a skincare routine which is where Q-RUSH comes in. Am so glad I met her

Q-RUSH is a skincare brand which deals with many skin illness, with diversity in products. All natural ingredients.

Ps my friend owned the brand which made it easier for me.

I have been using the products for sometime now and have seen positive effects and would like to review and recommend it to you all.

PRODUCTS; The products differ, there’s the carrot oil which is my favorite cos of the scent and smoothness when rubbing it,

The tomato scrub,black soap

And some lightening and toning creams all made from natural products and not harsh for the skiN

PACKAGING : The packaging is nice and minimal , I guess she’s a minimalist

PRICE RANGE ; the price range for all the products are affordable the least price is 2000naira which is for the 100ml of carrot oil then to 10,000naira for the night cream.

EFFECT: I must say am truly surprised at how fast it works just in two weeks I saw major changes . I would have to refill when this bottle finishes.

I just started using the black soap

So you guys should be expecting a review on it

In the meantime, go get yours and I promise you’ll like it

Click link to get yours

Once again am truly sorry for my absence and would make it up to you all


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