Hello nova’s

My lazyass has finally gone to an event, it’s been a long time. This is actually my first experience of a cocktail party.

Trust me I didn’t know what to do.

I surfed on the net on what to wear, how it’s done, even had a wardrobe malfunction lol.but yeah all went well

The event it’s actually a first pre event in expectations for the international style festival holding in July in the city of Port Harcourt, you really don’t wanna miss this. There are series of events holding prior to the festival which am gonna spill on my insta story. If you’re not following me this .

I met amazing people today but you know me I went for the food

I met Josh (jae of port Harcourt) a young fashion stylist, Tonye Hart of hartstyling, fashiongodesszine, Debby of dellesfashionempire, and got an interview with the clinic director of skin sholema.

My name is Julia ogede, the clinic director(sholema aesthetic and laser clinic) am a cosmetic dermatologist, I studied in UK , then started a brand with my partner.

We are an aesthetic and laser clinic, we have electro lasers for hair removal and treat acne, chemical peels for massage, silk peel masks , we help remove blemishes,dark spots skin growth and rejuvenation of damaged skins

We started from the UK and then moved to Lagos and now port Harcourt.

Well neither of one of us is from Rivers state, but am not sure ,it was always just there to find people and make them understand what we do and it’s diverse here in Port Harcourt. There is really no difference between here and Lagos

Its actually of personal interest, like I said it’s medical because your skin is the largest organ of your body and a vital one for that matter which is a natural extension in medicine. All we wanna do is help with skin enhancement. We know it’s important for mental health to look in the mirror and like what you see

Yes it does. Like I said the skin is an organ of the body,when we eat certain things and get running stomach it’s because it doesn’t agree with your body so it is for your skin. What you eat might not agree with your skin like milk, chocolate, bread,groundnut etc

Aesthetics is a fast growing area of medicine and earnings are limitless, Rather than continuing looking at the traditional arms , it is good to try out cosmetic dermatology because their is never a shortage, it’s not all about fixing or curing illness but about enhancement. It fine tunes your eyes and attention to details, Rather than just treating the obvious, you’ll want to go beyond.

Thanks for that awesome one.

Hey guys, if you want to learn more you can check their website www skinsholema.com and book for consultation and treatment.

Hope you learnt something today, want more of this? And hey have u ever had a wardrobe malfunction?



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