Hello nova’s,

You might be wondering what is thrifting, well don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Thrift is “shopping at a garage sale, shops and markets , where you try to find quality products at a cheap price.

Before I entered the university, I always followed my mom shopping. most at times we thrift shop to cut costs and save money and trust me I’ve learnt a lot of bargaining from her. lest I forget thrift shopping can also be buying second hand products which in Nigeria we call OKRIKA

When thrifting , you need to have some shopping tricks up your sleeves else you spend alot. First you need to know what you’re going for. You can’t shop impulsively while thrifting else you tend to spend alot

Secondly, make a budget and prioritize what’s needed in the list .

Most importantly be a bargain master

Would you believe I got my glasses at a price of 800naira which is like 2$ Yeah 2$. They always tend to over charge, so you state your price.

Don’t just jump at buying if their price is stated, try to be persuasive. I always pretend am going to the next shop, works like a charm always. Wanna learn more, head unto wanshygirls blog, and tell me what you think.

What are your thrift shopping tricks?have you ever thrift shopped online? Tell me I’ll like to know.


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