Life lately / late April

Hello nova’s,

I know I’ve been awool, but it was due to circumstances which am going to divulge as we go on.

First of all, happy new month, yaayyy we are drawing closer to the first quarter of the year, which is for some people this month.

I was supposed to put this post on my IG story @officialvisan1 but what can man do when your phone camera is erm erm….. And u can’t even edit videos, these youtubers are really trying , kudos to them.

So, for all the weeks I’ve been missing, I apologize. If you recall I mentioned before that my first semester exams was approaching but uhm I wasn’t really serious, i thought yeah precious you can do it all, was always going from meetings to meetings, directing shoots, going out for scouting.

Man if you see my face right now, it’s nothing to talk home, breakage and hyperpigmentation. It really affected me after writing the first paper I had to advise myself to sit up, so I went dark.

Well right now am done with my written exams, still have practicals yet to finish on Friday but that’s not a problem.

I would have gone on and on, how I got sick, twice blah but don’t wanna bore you with much drama in my life

Well that’s what been going on in my life lately, how do you guys manage your time so well?? And what’s been going on in your life?


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