What nobody told me about blogging


Hello novas,

I apologize for being unavoidably absent. I was going through some shit in school. It’s all well now, I’ve missed you guys here. Hope you’ve seen my last post on styling stripes

Am supposed to be seven months old as a blogger but it’s not yet time for bloggerversery. It seems like yesterday when I put up my first blog postΒ . I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was I loved writing and fashion. To be honest, I was scared of putting myself out there. So I read on how to start.


One of the challenges I had was lack of phone and camera. Being a fashion blogger, my pictures have to always be on point. It was so unfortunate that my phone had to spoil a week after I opneded the blog. But my roommate was there to support me. Another challenge was being consistent and driving traffic to the blog. At a start I had just 20views which was a bit heart breaking but still I continued until I met vincentΒ whom explained things and added me to a blogger support group on WhatsApp. They helped me a lot.

To my famz who has taken time to message me on WhatsApp, DM on IG. Thanks for the support and I hope to keep inspiring.







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