Monthly note// March 1st

Hello novas,

Happy New month to all of you my famz. Am wishing you the best in the new month. So February 2018 is over and gone for good. *am secretly feeling for people whose birthday falls on the 29th*.

This post wasn’t scheduled for today, but I felt obliged to just put it up.

As you know. In each month I list out my favorites and talk about them but this note is to who am becoming.

Basically (seems I love this word) I’ll be sharing my February notes.

what I was eating. 

if you follow me on instagram you’ll know I love Minimie chin chin I basically ate it with cold water as breakfast every Blessed day.


my exams doesn’t hold this month or ever at all. And getting a good phone for myself.


The handsome young man, am growing into. Momma thanks


all who take time to leave one or two comments on my blog /IG. Thanks Fonz your the best.


to travel for a major Fashion Week. And collaborating with fellow bloggers to grow port Harcourt blogging platform.

thanks for reading famz, how was your Feb, and what plans do u have ahead? 




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