Hello fashionnovas,

How are y’all, Am so sorry I hadn’t put up a post sooner, I was going through a phase but all thanks to God am feeling better.

So on this post am going to share some fun FACTS about me, since I actually forgot to write an inductory post as my first post or you havnt read my ABOUT page.

These are some few FACTS you need to know about me.

1.Β Am an 18yo Nigerian, hailing from the south-south region.Rivers state.


2. My funtime would be when am watching movies , eating or sleeping. And yeah when am on Instagram.

3. I would call myself a phone addict. Yeah I admit am an addict to Instagram. I spend most of my time there browsing through pictures .

4. Am a devout Christian. I believe in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Am 5foot 7inches tall. Well that makes me short for a guy but I call myself tall (hehe) I wish.


6. Most people tend to call me Gay. Hey am not , Am just a guy who tends to love and appreciate the female gender but am totally straight.

7. Don’t mind all my busyness on social media am actually an introvert by nature. I don’t talk much if I get to meet u for the first few times but when am used to you i get loud.


8. Am a model manager of a fashion and commercial modelling agency in Nigeria. (Litmodelmanagement). When am not blogging am training my models.

So that’s it guys

now you’ve got to know me a bit,can I know you too by leaving a comment?



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